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casela 2

Casela World of Adventures is a nature reserve of several species. It is located next to the Rempart Mountain in the south-west of Mauritius, offering magnificent views of the west coast.

The Casela World of Adventures tour includes: Safari and Birds Park, mini farm and access to many services of the park, such as children’s corner and restaurant.

Discover the Safari and Birds Park attractions of Mauritius and relax in the natural environment of Casela World of Adventures. Throughout this safari, find yourself face to face with zebras, deer, ostriches, giraffes, antelopes, rhinoceros…

Discover also wild animals: it is a unique opportunity to meet and observe big felines and even walk with lions.

Realize your dream by spending some sensational and memorable moments with your family at Casela Park!


nage avec dauphins

Swimming with dolphins is an exceptional experience where you will meet face to face with wonderful marine mammals such as dolphins « spinners » and dolphins « bottlenose ». You will see these dolphins evolving in their natural aquatic habitat when hearing their cries.

It is advisable to do this activity on a speed boat that will give you the opportunity to enter the fascinating world of dolphins and meet them in the open sea.

Swimming with dolphins is everyone’s dream. It allows you to create memories that you will never forget. Enjoy this privileged moment whether you are a couple or a family!


catamaran cruise

Doing a catamaran cruise in Mauritius is the best way to enjoy your holiday and also to experience the beauty of the Indian Ocean! Enjoy a magnificent catamaran and discover l’île aux Cerfs, l’îlot Gabriel or l’île aux Bénitiers for unforgettable moments.

Whether you are looking for a family night out or a romantic escape, enjoy a sunset cruise. Sail on board a beautiful catamaran while sipping cocktails, admiring a splendid sunset and listening to folk music, the sega.


safari 2

For animal lovers, explore the nature reserves, museums, aquariums, gardens and parks of Mauritius. Discover giant tortoises, crocodiles, pink pigeons, pink flamingos, kestrels, fish and endangered animals.

Horse enthusiasts, enjoy a beautiful riding experience in one of the most beautiful reserves of Mauritius or simply enjoy a horseback ride along the beaches, mountain paths or rivers. And for those looking for a Safari adventure and adrenalin, the quad safari is essential!!


île au cerfs

Île aux Cerfs is a small island on the east coast of Mauritius. It has beautiful beaches and is covered with dense vegetation. To get there you can enjoy a catamaran or a speed boat.

The island offers several lands and water activities in excellent conditions such as parasailing, treetop climbing and many others. It has three restaurants offering different styles of cuisine and two bars that serve a variety of drinks and cocktails. For those who love souvenirs, several shops are at your disposal.


activités sous marine 2

Mauritius has a lagoon with hundreds of colorful fish species and magnificent corals. It offers a wide range of activities in the underwater world such as a boat trip with glass bottom, perfect for all your family; The sub-submersible submarine (Nessee), scuba diving and a selection of activities more adventurous such as underwater walking, aqua scooter and underwater scooter.

Doing all these submarine activities in Mauritius is to discover the amazing spectacle of the Mauritian seabed; Sharks, barracudas, corals, rays and caves.


activités nautiques

Mauritius is a real paradise and is increasingly recognized for its numerous water and aquatic activities. It offers windsurfing, kite surfing, sea kart, big game fishing, stand up paddle, parasailing, surfing, glass bottom boat, canoeing, diving, kayaking, boating Pedals, water skiing, jet skiing, sailing, towed buoy and many more.

Explore the wonderful island and enjoy all these activities in couple, with family or friends. Very emotional moments!


pêche au gros

Mauritius has become a dream destination for enthusiasts of big-game fishing. The best period for big-game fishing in Mauritius is from October to April. Discover a wide variety of fish such as marlin, tuna, shark, skipjack and many others.

Fishing boats are at your disposal and are driven by skippers-experts. Big-game fishing is done from Grand Bay and also from Black River on half day and full day



Mauritius is a wonderful destination for hikers. Endemic forests, waterfalls, mountains, rivers, canyons are planned for the most beautiful hikes in Mauritius.

Enjoy stunning views of the Tamarin Falls, mountains of Piton de la Rivière Noire, Pouce, Pieter Both, Morne Brabant, Moka, Trois Mamelles, Tourelle de Tamarin, Corps de Garde and Lion. Discover hiking through the fields, in national parks and nature reserves or simply by bike.

Discover these hidden treasures of Mauritius, a variety of which you will discover all the secrets.


plongé sous-marine

Mauritius is known for its beautiful beaches and lagoons and offers its most beautiful sites and diving spots all very different throughout the island. Diving in Mauritius allows you to discover wrecks, caves, shark benchmarks, flying scorpion fish, sperm whales, moray eels, magnificent corals and a variety of colorful fish.

The best time for diving in Mauritius is from November to December and from March to April. Enjoy your holiday and go diving to discover this authentic little island.



In Mauritius, speed boats are very spacious and can contain a dozen passengers. They are very comfortable and are ideal for excursions and cruises across the island. These excursions and cruises are full of adventures and take you towards many small islands surrounding Mauritius.

Discover l’île aux Aigrettes in the south, l’île aux Bénitiers in the west, l’îlot Gabriel in the north, and l’île aux Cerfs in the east. Cross all these islands in a speed boat and sail through the crystal clear waters of the lagoons.



Golf has taken a very important place in Mauritius. Each year, enthusiasts from all around the world travel to enjoy the golf courses in Mauritius that offer an exciting experience in a beautiful natural setting. Mauritius has ideal climatic conditions and allows planning a golf stay in winter as in summer. An astonishing number of golf courses are spread across the island, ranging from a 9-hole course to an 18-hole championship course.

Discover these golf courses at Anahita Hotel The Resort, Constance Belle Mare Beach Hotel, Paradis Beachcomber Hotel, Heritage Awali Hotel, Tamarina Golf & Spa Boutique Hotel, Heritage Telfair Golf & Spa Resort, Shandrani Beachcomber Resort & Spa, Ambre Resort & Spa … Spend pleasant moments with friends and family!



It is obvious that when you spend your holidays in Mauritius, you want to take full advantage of all the sports activities of the island. Discover the different sports activities that can be carried out according to your preferences and tastes in Mauritius.

Mauritius offers a selection of land and water sport activities such as horseback riding, golf, parasailing, water skiing, kite surfing, kayaking, and many others in the four corners of the island.


hydravion 2

Discover spectacular views of Mauritius from a helicopter or a seaplane. Enjoy the beautiful scenery, breathtaking views of mountain ranges, coastal areas, beaches, lagoons, sugar cane fields and countryside.

These flying excursions offer panoramic aerial views of Mauritius, which are naturally surprising and fantastic. You will discover the beauty of Mauritius and you will be amazed by the magnificent views worthy of postcards.


île au rêve

Mauritius has a long list of natural parks, animal reserves, museums and gardens that can be visited. It offers a multitude of activities at Casela World of Adventures, La Vanille Réserve des Mascareignes, La Vallée des couleurs, l’île aux Aigrettes and many others.

Discover the Mauritius Photography Museum, Domaine les Pailles, Maison Eureka and Château de La Bourdonnais. Enjoy the self-guided tours at l’Aventure du Sucre, Rhumerie de Chamarel, Domaine des Aubineaux, Maison de Saint-Aubin and Bois Chéri.

Want to have fun with family or friends? Discover the « Curious Corner » which is located on a hilly road to the west of the island in the small village of Chamarel.



For those who are looking for thrills in full nature, a wide selection of canyoning and zip line activities are available. These activities are carried out in different regions of the island, and it is a perfect opportunity to discover the real beauty of Mauritius.


spa 2

Enjoy our selection of luxurious massages and spa treatments and make a wellness pause in one of our sumptuous establishments. Our massages and spas offer a range of services in harmony with the nature and environment of Mauritius. Choose the massage and spa treatment that suit you best.